Finance: Kenya signals gradual withdrawal from war-torn Somalia with budget cut

The UN refund is set to drop to Sh5 billion and Sh3.5 billion in the next two years

Kenya is set to gradually withdraw its troops fighting Al-Shabaab in Somalia even as it seeks more compensation this year from the United Nations (UN).

The country expects reimbursement of Sh8.5 billion in the financial year starting July, up from the current Sh6.1 billion.


The refund is set to drop to Sh5 billion and Sh3.5 billion in the next two years, signalling gradual reduction of troops.

About 4,000 Kenyan soldiers are part of African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom).

The troops will, however, leave Somalia in December 2020 after mentoring Somali security forces to take over control from Amisom.

The international community pays $1,028 (Sh103,828) for each soldier per month. Their respective governments then deduct about $200 (Sh20,200) for administrative costs meaning the soldiers take home about $800 (Sh83,628).

Delayed reimbursement

The soldiers receive the allowances through the government. The funds are only released to Amisom once accounts from the previous payment are signed off.

Kenya has in the past faced delay in reimbursement of the money, which was linked to the UN’s insistence on verification of the claims.

Amisom soldiers are drawn from Uganda, Burundi, Djibouti, Sierra Leone and Kenya.

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